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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

The Conservative Reformer is an online magazine founded in 2024 by Just and Sinner and the Weidner Institute. Jordan Cooper is the editor-in-chief, while Nathan Greeley is the managing editor. We take our monicker from the title of a great book written by Charles Porterfield Krauth in the nineteenth century, namely The Conservative Reformation and Its Theology.

What are our goals?

The aim of this magazine is to provide an outlet for publishing content that promotes what could be called classical confessional Lutheranism. This is a type of Lutheranism that consciously seeks to maintain and preserve all that was great about Lutheranism in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and bring it forward into our contemporary context.

Who can write for us?

We accept suitable articles from anyone who fully adheres to to the confessions found in The Book of Concord. To put it even more simply, confessional Lutherans.

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